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HELP THE CHILD BECOME A GREAT PERSON! Education for All and for Everyone | The Project „Global Partnership for Education”


Mentoring, An Innovative Initiative For Early Education In Moldova
24.09.2014   2954  
The mentoring and its impact on the quality of early childhood education in Moldova has been one of the issues addressed in 5 research-actions developed within the “Global Partnership for Education” Project.
05.05.2014   1138  
Newsletter of the Project "GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP FOR EDUCATION IN THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA" No.1, 2014 - Contents: The Joy of Opening Kindergartens in Moldova. Maia SANDU, Minister of Education: “The Kindergarten is the Place Where Children Are Listened to, Encouraged and Loved”.
“The Success of the Quality Pre-school Education Depends on Whole Community”: Opening of the Kindergarten from Hirbovat, Anenii Noi
12.03.2014   2504  
To ensure quality pre-school education to over 60 children aged 3-6 from Hirbovat, the following investments were made: local public administration (45 500 lei), contribution of the community (26 000 lei), project “Global Partnership for Education” (280 614 lei).

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Our child: Guide for parents
3723   UNICEF, Ministry of Health from Moldova   // 2942.94Kb   
Guide for parents, developed based on recommendations formulated by the World Health Organization and approved by Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova. It has been conceived as a practical guide for You, dear parents. We hope that reading it will held you find out new things related to the child’s growth and development from birth till preschool age. Elaborated by UNICEF, Moldova.
Your child and the discipline. A chance to learn
3536   UNICEF  
The constraint of the discipline consists of guiding and teaching the child how to maintain his auto control. To be efficient, this action presupposes the stabilization of the fragile balance between the necessity of independence of the child and the necessity to impose some limits. Reducing the external control, we offer to our child the chance to impose his own behavior norms, and make him to believe that we trust him and in his capacities. In this way, the child becomes confident and makes other to respect him. When the child is satisfied of his own personality and of the relations with those who are around him, he is eager to listen and learn.
The role of the fathers in the child’s education process
3559   UNICEF  
The savants confirmed a thing which is known by the majority of the parents and pedagogues: fathers have a big influence in the development of the children. The science proved that the first experiences of a child determine the mode in which his brain develops, and all those who take care of him influence the way the child learns, thinks and behaves during his life. Nowadays, fathers rare can spend a lot of time wit their children. If you are interested by this thing, read the attached booklet. God Luck.

Global Partnership for Education 2012-2014

"Global Partnership for Education" Project (GPE) 2012-2014

"Global Partnership for Education" Project is an initiative of the Ministry of Education from the Republic of Moldova which promotes quality pre-school education for all children. This project is considered the successor of the „Education For All - Fast-Track Initiative" Project (EFA-FTI), carried out by the Ministry of Education in 2 stages in 2006-2010.

The current initiative is financed by the GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP FOR EDUCATION. This project is implemented by the Ministry of Education and is managed by the World Bank Office in Moldova. The activities within this project are coordinated by UNICEF Office in the Republic of Moldova and are carried out in partnership with the Local Public Administrations (LPAs).


Benefits for CHILDREN:

Children grow up and are educated in a safe and stimulating environment. They learn new things through games and other interesting activities for them.

Benefits for PARENTS:

Parents are calm that their child gets all necessary information for education and development at the kindergarten and get actively involved in this process. 

Benefits for EDUCATORS:

Educators benefit from conditions for professional promotion at their job, get professional satisfaction and are respected by parents.

Benefits for the COMMUNITY:

The community has a repaired and equipped kindergarten, competent educators and an active and engaged generation in future.


LPAs are respected by people, have active citizens, who are involved in other initiatives which contribute to community development.

Benefits for the COUNTRY:

The country gains a valuable human capital, active generation and an international recognition for new successes in pre-school education.

The Project "Global Partnership for Education", implemented by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the World Bank and UNICEF, focuses on:

  • Increasing the access to quality pre-school education through the rehabilitation of preschool education institutions and equipping them with furniture, books, teaching materials and toys.
  • Improving the quality of pre-school education for all children, including children with special needs, through training didactic staff and management of pre-school education institutions.
  • Promoting a positive and responsible parenting.

Quality education means: adopted legal framework, implemented mentoring program, renovated and equipped pre-school institutions, informed and involved families, conscious and active communities.

The Project "Global Partnership for Education" is implemented by the Education Ministry of the Republic of Moldova in partnership with the World Bank and UNICEF.



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